Little Luxuries

Grahams, an Irish family bakery, have over 60 years of baking experience that has been passed down through three generations. After many years of producing traditional baked goods, they wanted to expand their offering into a more premium market.

Little Luxuries, a selection of miniature treat tubs, were the first product in their new premium range. We worked together to create an identity and packaging for the line that reflected the high end product on offer.

Grahams Bakery

Packaging & Brand repositioning

The Client Said:

Sarah explored numerous brand concepts for a new range of products that we had developed. She did an extremely professional job and brought her tremendous creativity to bear on the problem. We were very pleased with the valuable insight that Sarah added to our project, and felt she was thorough in her market research, and innovative in her thinking about the creative needs. We would highly recommend her to others, but only on the condition she is still is able to work with us again.

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